How to make old Potpourri Come to life!

What do you do when you have potpourri that doesn't have any more smell? You don't want to throw it away because it fits perfectly with the decor in your kitchen and lets be honest (it was a bit expensive). It really becomes an annoying problem. I have always been frustrated by this because I felt like I had wasted my money so I had to find a solution.

So, here is what I figured out. The way that potpourri gains its fragrance is through what is called the Curation Process. For example, our potpourri is curated for about 6 months before sale. The process includes making the potpourri and pouring oil into the big bucket and letting it sit closed for many months. 

Since my little bowl was not exactly a large quantity and I couldn't just put it away for 6 months, I had to figure out a better way. So what I came up with creates a small version of this very intricate long process. Here are the steps:

Things you will need:

  • 1 Ziplock bag (big enough to hold all of your potpourri) 

  • Potpourri 

  • 2-4 tablespoons of scented oil 

  • A dark closet or pantry 


1. Pour the potpourri into the ziplock bag. 

2. Add the scented oil into the bag. 

3. Shake the oil and potpourri for 30 seconds to 1 minute. 

4. Leave the bag in the pantry for 1-4 days. 

5. When finished pour the potpourri back into the bowl and it will be like brand new!


Hope this helps bring your potpourri back to life! 

See you soon, 

Anne Woods 

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