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How to Identify the Quality of a Candle in Less than 5 Seconds!

Have you ever started burning a candle and 2 hours later it doesn't smell anymore? How do you know which candles are the best? Here is the trick!
Most of the time when looking for a candle, your first instinct is to smell the candle to make sure it has that perfect fragrance for your home. Every time I would buy a candle, I would cross my fingers and hope that it would last. Finally, I found the solution to this horrible problem and it's as simple as pie! 
Use this simple trick below:
1. Smell the candle and make sure it's exactly what you are looking for! 
2. Use your finger or thumb to wipe away the top layer of wax. A few movements back and forth should be enough. 
3. Re-smell the candle. 
4. If the candle's fragrance is stronger, then the candle is made with the best quality. If the potency decreased or stayed the same, leave it on the shelf. 
The science behind this simple trick is how the fragrance oil is distributed throughout the wax. Higher quality candles (which last much longer) distribute the oil making the smell last through the life of the candle. 
All of our candles are trick tested, and smell approved! Give us a try! 
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Valentine's Day Date Ideas

What are your current Valentine's Plans! Here at Katelyn's Korner we love Valentine's Day! It's such a special time to show the people we love appreciation through finding the perfect gift and the perfect date. 

1. Picnic in the park
Grab a blanket and a basket to make this day a little extra special.  Here is a recipe for a great picnic sandwich that is sure to make an impression on that special someone. If you want to make it extra special you can make it an evening event and star gaze! 
2. Game night extravaganza
Don't you remember how much fun this use to be? Make it a relaxing night in by going back to the basics  of fun! You can order pizza and just enjoy the company of the best person you know. Invite several couples to share the love! 
3. Candle light dinner for two
The age old candle light dinner never fails as a great idea for valentine's. Pick up your favorite meal or make your own, no matter what its sure to make a special evening. We can even help you with the Candles ;) 
4. Heart treasure hunt 
If you want to really make a Valentines to remember, send your valentine to all of the places that mean the most. Leave notes and let them find you! This is sure to make for a romantic ending when you finally meet up to spend that quality time together that seems to be hard to find in a busy world.
5. The princess date  
Recreate a fairy tale experience for the woman in your life. Step one, find the perfect dress (it can be something you buy or that favorite outfit you love to see her wear). Step two, send her off to get a special spa day to make sure she feels refreshed and relaxed. Step three, leave her a note telling her what time to be ready. Step four, reserve that special table at your favorite restaurant. Step five, never let her forget how much you love her!
We wish your valentine's day to be filled with love! 
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