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How to Identify the Quality of a Candle in Less than 5 Seconds!

Have you ever started burning a candle and 2 hours later it doesn't smell anymore? How do you know which candles are the best? Here is the trick!
Most of the time when looking for a candle, your first instinct is to smell the candle to make sure it has that perfect fragrance for your home. Every time I would buy a candle, I would cross my fingers and hope that it would last. Finally, I found the solution to this horrible problem and it's as simple as pie! 
Use this simple trick below:
1. Smell the candle and make sure it's exactly what you are looking for! 
2. Use your finger or thumb to wipe away the top layer of wax. A few movements back and forth should be enough. 
3. Re-smell the candle. 
4. If the candle's fragrance is stronger, then the candle is made with the best quality. If the potency decreased or stayed the same, leave it on the shelf. 
The science behind this simple trick is how the fragrance oil is distributed throughout the wax. Higher quality candles (which last much longer) distribute the oil making the smell last through the life of the candle. 
All of our candles are trick tested, and smell approved! Give us a try! 
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Fall Festivities

We all like to get festive for the holiday season! This year the new addition that is great for any home is Katelyn's Candle Jewelry! This great item takes any pillar candle and makes it into a great decor piece in any home.


When added they make a great gift and give the candle an extra special flare. The best part about candle jewelry is once the candle burns they can be removed and placed lower on the candle or on another candle completely. They are a gift that last beyond the life of the great candle. Pillar candles are perfect for making any table or room look a little more beautiful and they are a great addition to all fall decor! I hope decor idea find itself on your table this fall!

-Anne Woods


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Welcome to Katelyn's Korner Katy

Welcome! I'm so glad you are here! I love sharing simple decorating and organizing ideas to inspire you to buy some of my products. Fall is in the air! While I have a fondness for fall, there is also something breathtaking about the colorful changing leaves this time of year! In the fall, there is something about pumpkin potpourri, decorative candles and the smell of pumpkin spice or cinnamon that energizes me! My candles provide a warm ambience for cozy evenings and a comfortable space for friends to gather. I have some great decorating ideas that I will be sharing with you on my blogs.

My 1st idea is to take a one of our fantastic bread bowls, fill it up with some  of your creme brûlée potpourri. You want the bowl to have an equal amount on both sides and a space in the middle. Move the pieces around to your liking and then get ready to add the star to the display. Add one of our Pillars or Cross candles for the final touch right in the middle of the bowl.  This bread bowl can be displayed on your dining room table, sofa table, or on your mantle. For another twist display it in a bathroom with the soap dispenser as the middle touch. It adds color to any bathroom that can be changed by the season!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

-Anne Woods

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